The Modern Society Of Shanghai And Hong Kong Essay

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The definition of cool is dependent on the unique characteristics and popularity that allows something to stand out among other things within mainstream society. Characteristics, including the novelty, the design, the function, and the overall appeal, are what make something “cool” to us, and these characteristics are most evident in trends related to clothing and fashion. Clothing functions as not only a social necessity, but also a versatile mean of self-expression and cultural identity. The beauty of the traditional Chinese garment has caught the eye of many modern designers who look to incorporate the traditional aspects of the Cheongsam, also known as the “qipao” into contemporary designs. The works these designers have created has caught the attention of individuals in Shanghai and Hong Kong of China who are interested in the Chinese society, and revitalized the Cheongsam into a garment that has both cultural significance and artistic relevance for its wearer and beholder. Therefore, the purpose of this rhetorical analysis is to discuss and analyze how the people in the modern society of Shanghai and Hong Kong consider Chinese garment as “cool” and the characteristics that make it “cool”.
There were many traditional fashion styles established during the dynasties eras in Chinese history, but the Cheongsam is the only garment that is still being worn in modern society in Shanghai and Hong Kong. Cheongsam was first considered as “cool” in the 1920s in Shanghai, and its…

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