Essay about The Modern Look Of Higher Education

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The Modern Look of Higher Education As society has become more educated, we have grown to become notorious for attending a four-year university of one’s choosing to pursue a higher level of education. However, on multiple ocasions the promotional and commercial attributes that higher education has taken on often take the limelight instead. Do students truly have a saying in their education or is it in the hands of these institutions? Gone are the days in which an institution of higher education is known for their educational resources or educational might. Instead the search for a college has become skewed and the importance of how well colleges will prepare one for events later in life has become less prominent. The commercialization of colleges and universities will eventually limit the educational might, leadership and rewrite the priorities of education.
Colleges often place athletics and sporting events ahead of the educational, research and community engagement needs of an institution. Athletics are the utmost profitable division of hundreds of colleges with revenue ranging widely. Thus, priority is almost always given to the improvement of the facilities for sporting events instead of those for educational use. This is often the case in several colleges where “inflation-adjusted athletic spending … increased, by 24.8 percent, at public four-year colleges in all divisions in those years, while spending on instruction and academic support remained nearly…

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