Essay on The Modern Day Democratic Party

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America has always been a land of different views and ideas. When the need for a government began to form, the various ideas that were prevalent began to combine. Many parties disappeared and reformed and many converged into one. The major parties we know today are the Democrats and the Republicans. Each of these parties has very opposing viewpoints. This, in turn, causes the government to not agree with each other at times. A political party with a specific view is the Democratic Party. The modern-day Democratic Party has its origins from the Democratic-Republicans, as a result, the Democratic Party is the oldest party to date. Since its founding in 1828, the Democratic Party has had 14 presidents, of which many have served two terms. The Democratic Party has developed and changed its views considerably since its existence. During the 1800’s, the Democrats allowed slavery. As a result, many Southerners supported the Democratic Party. Right after the Civil War, in order to gain southern support, the Democrats opposed civil right reforms. Later in the mid 1900’s, the entire party went through a transformation of its ideas and values. After this transformation, the party began to support civil rights for all people and organized labor. Later, when Franklin D. Roosevelt was in his presidency, he enacted the New Deal, which helped America slowly recover from the Great Depression. Since then, the party began to support government intervention in economic…

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