The Modern Architecture Of Western Architecture Essay

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Western architecture has evolved into many different forms over the past three centuries. It started with the Greeks and the Romans creating basic architectural elements, and continued with many different eras using these elements to create buildings that are distinctly unique. This paper’s goal is to showcase the development of Western architecture from the Romans through the Gothic Era, starting at the creation of basic elements and ending with grand buildings that have used these elements to create something new.
The Colosseum, one of the first great examples of Western architecture stands in Rome, Italy, and was built over twenty years, from 70-80 BCE. Its opening ceremonies lasted nine months.. It was the largest amphitheater built in its time. It was built on the site of a statue of the Emperor Nero, a tyrant and poor leader. The amphitheater served as propaganda, showing the power of the current Emperor, Vespasian. Art historians consider it a syncretic building, or something that uses existing techniques and ideas to form new ones. The Colosseum combined the Greek theater adaptation with it’s own Roman twist. The building itself is made of concrete, a mixture of lime and volcanic rock invented by the Romans, and was then covered with a marble facade. The exterior is broken up into four horizontal sections, each containing a different order of engaged columns (see Fig. 1). Engaged columns are columns that are protruding from a flat surface and are not fully in the…

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