Essay on The Models Of Organizational Change

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Models of Organizational Change
The changes help modify the different aspects of life and ease the achievement of success (Bukovec, n.d.). There are many useful organizational change models. These models help understand the change that occurs at a macro-level, explaining the reasons, actual change and how it occurred (Agricultural Leadership and Development [ALED], n.d.). The two models selected for the comparison are the holistic and managers’ mental models of the organizational change. The holistic model discussed in the article deals with guiding practices and brings about changes. This model describes how the nurse leaders should assess, strategize and evaluate the results to achieve excellence (Evans, Busch, Busch, Celia, Lourie, Lewis & Strickland, 1997). On the other hand, the managers’ mental models mention about the role of the managers’ attitude and how it influence the organizational changes (Santos & Garcia, 2006).
Role of the Leader in the Change Initiative The holistic concept expects the leaders to create feasible changes that lead to the achievement of the high-quality result. As per this model, all leaders have to get involved in the staff evaluation activities. For example, the leaders need to assess the staff’s learning needs. This would facilitate the creation of staff development literature. After the evaluation, the leaders need to identify the right goal and work approach to bring about changes. By doing this, they can arrange the right educational…

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