The Model T : Henry Ford Essay

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The Model T: Henry Ford’s Contribution to America
The dawn of the twentieth century saw a period of rapid industrial growth and new inventions as well as major changes to the American economy. One of the most notable inventors of the time was Henry Ford. Not only was his approach to the automobile a major change, his ideas regarding industrial production, worker pay, and the social impact of work on Americans were revolutionary. His thoughts on higher pay revolutionized the American economy. Henry Ford said, “The owner, the employees and the buying public are all one and the same and unless an industry can so manage itself as to keep wages high and prices low it destroys itself, for otherwise it limits the number of its customers. One’s own employees ought to be one’s own best customers” (Nilsson).
Henry Ford was born on July 30, 1863. He grew up on a small farm in Greenfield Township, Michigan. As a small child he was known to take apart toys he owned and put them back together. At a young age, Henry Ford had already started a small business fixing his friends’ and neighbors’ timepieces. Ford left home at the age of sixteen to pursue an apprenticeship as a machinist in Detroit and later learned how to operate and repair steam engines. In 1888 Henry Ford returned to farming to support his wife Clara Bryant (“Henry Ford Biography”). Like many people in the late 1800’s his stay on the farm was brief. “In 1870, only about 25 percent of the American people lived in urban…

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