Essay on The Model Of The Atom

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The model of the atom has developed greatly from Dalton’s model, which suggested that, ‘matter is composed of small, indivisible (cannot be divided) objects’, to the most recent model developed by Chadwick that includes a nucleus, electrons, protons and neutrons. These developments have all been due to continual experimentation and observation of matter. Chadwick’s model is still being added to and new parts of atoms are found all the time. The development of modern technologies has assisted scientists in creating the most up to date model of the atom, which without the scientists Dalton, Thomson, Rutherford, Bohr and Chadwick’s models we would not have.

Dalton’s Atomic Model
John Dalton’s atomic model was the first to be developed and was based on Democritus’ idea of ‘atomos’, which means indivisible. Dalton knew nothing about sub-atomic particles when his model was created; despite this he created the first model of the atom. Dalton believed atoms where miniscule spheres that were indivisible and made up matter. Dalton created his model of the atom through research into gases. The experiments conducted by Dalton consisted of learning the pressures of steam and other vapours at different temperatures and understanding thermal expansion of gases. These experiments that he conducted lead to his development of the first model of the atom. Dalton was the original creator of the model of the atom and all other models are advancements on his initial idea.…

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