The Model Of Human Occupation, And The Kawa Model Essay

1564 Words Nov 22nd, 2016 7 Pages
I believe we perform and select task according to our beliefs and values. When you select an activity you tend to gravitate towards something that elicits positive emotions. Yet, there comes a time in your life when an occupation is something more. It gives you identity and purpose in life. When I was selecting the model for this assignment those were the aspects I took into consideration. What drove me to select certain activities, what made me feel whole, and what made me genuinely happy? First I began by writing down my beliefs and determining how they impact my occupation and occupation-based behaviors. After I wrote my beliefs down I went through my notes and glanced at the overall concepts of each model. There were three models that really spoke to my personal belief system which were, the Canadian Model of Performance and Engagement, the Model of Human Occupation, and the Kawa Model. Those three models really focused on what drives an individual and what makes them who they are.
Choosing the correct model for me transpired during a video chatting session with my nieces and nephew. This activity is what I look most forward to in the day, what makes me happy, and what makes me want to become a mother in the future. The occupational role of being an aunt holds such a detrimental part in my life and it influences my decisions, my personality, and my actions. It really came down to who I am and how I fit into a group that determined the correct model for me.…

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