The Mistreatment Of Women During Ancient Greek Society Essays

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The Mistreatment Of Women In Ancient Greek Society
For thousands of years men and women have been seen differently, both biological and socially. Men in society are seen as strong and brave. While women are seen as weak and fragile. It’s these biological differences that allowed society; such has ancient Greece to created social double standards. Women in Greek society were not treated like people, more so as objects. Society has placed judgments on women, believing that there are only two types of women, evil or pure. Society also has had the ability to create the ideal women in their society. In an ancient, influential text expresses the idea of women stereotypes in Homer’s epic poem, the Odyssey. All women in the Odyssey are foisted upon these social double standards, the ideal women, and that there are only two types of women in Greek society. Women in the Odyssey have to live by the double standards of ancient Greek society. Even goddess and the wealthiest of women have to obey the double standards foisted upon women. When Odysseus is trapped on Calypso Island, Odysseus and Calypso have relations with each other. The other gods then criticize Calypso and she says: You gods are cruel and more jealous than all other: if a goddess beds a man and wants him-openly-as her dear husband, then you begrudge her that. Your envy punished rose-fingered Dawn when she…

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