The Mission Trip At Guatemala Essay

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Wow! It 's been a while hasn 't it? Well today marks exactly 2 days, 19 hours, and minutes until I depart from the airport on my third missions trip to Guatemala!! It 's another two week trip which means deciding what to pack becomes infinitely harder. So below, I 've decided to include my packing list! Hopefully this helps you packing for either a missions trip to Guatemala, a missions trip in general, or just overall leaving the U.S. 

Food - Obviously I put the most important thing first! On most mission trips where and when you 'll be eating are planned out for you. Whether you eat a lot, (like me) or you 're a picky eater, (also like me) it 's just a good idea to include some of your favorite munchies!

Pretzels - One of my go to snacks on and off the mission field they are full of fiber and vitamin B. Vitamin B helps keep your body 's nerve and blood cells healthy and helps prevent megaloblastic anemia which makes people tired and weak.
Gold Fish - I don 't think cheddar fish provide any vitamins but they sure taste good!
Fruit Snacks
Gum - Chewing gum helps keep your ears from popping and helps with motion sickness.
BBQ Pringles
Saltines - These are really great if you get motion sickness. The high starch content absorbs stomach acid and relieves nausea. Ginger is also good for that but ew!
Peanut Butter - A must have for any mission trip!
Nature Valley Sweet and Salty Peanut Granola Bar - I take this on every mission trip I go on!! I love them!

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