The Mission Of The Shadow Essay

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The purpose of the shadow was to gain an understanding of how the world of sales works as well as connect classroom learning to real world opportunities. On September 28, 2015, I arrived at the Mercedes-Benz of Hagerstown at approximately nine o’clock in the morning to start my shadow experience with Chandra Dickson. Chandra is new to both Mercedes-Benz of Hagerstown and the automotive industry. However, she possesses a diverse background that has built a great skill set and personality suited for sales and leasing. As the book states, everyone sells! So despite her lack of experience in sales, I was still was eager to shadow her and gain a realistic picture of the everyday aspects of a sales workplace.

Observing Chandra Dickson provided me with an excellent opportunity to learn about how salespeople function within the sales community. In order for the dealership operations to run smoothly and efficiently, each member had to perform their daily tasks and responsibility. So, Chandra and I started our morning with a tour of the facility and she introduced me to the Mercedes-Benz of Hagerstown staff. Then we had a quick sales meeting with the e-Commerce Director, Nikole Ferguson. Nikole provided Chandra with tasks for the morning which included follow-up with three “hot” leads and a one o’clock appointment with potential buyer. Additionally, since it was close to the end of the month, the dealership needed to sell over fifty plus cars in less than three days in order to…

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