The Mission Of TOMS

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The philanthropic organization TOMS was established in 2006 by Blake Mycoskie in Santa Moncia California. Mycoskie is from Arlington Texas. In 2001 Myscoskie and his sister Paige applied for the cast of Survivor, (the reality show). Auditions consisted of the Amazing race. The Amazing Race was a race around the world in groups of two people who competed with other teams of two. During the course of the race Mycoskie and his partner Paige stopped in Argentina. When in Argentina Mycoskie became aware of the insufficient amount of shoes and the drastic effect it had on society. Mycoskie noticed a disease called Podoconioisis or “Mossy Foot” which steamed from lacking foot protection. While at the same time shoes were a requirement in order for …show more content…
This is the one for one idea that Mycoskie first proposed to Argentina manufactures, it is now TOMS mission statement. This mission statement demonstrates a philanthropic level of business responsibility. Not only does the organization donate half of their generate revenue but they also spend no money on advertisement. This allows the company to use more money on providing to a good cause. The only promotion TOMS encourages is word of mouth. According to Mycoskie in 2009 “It’s really just about telling the story and getting it out there…when we do that, more and more people will buy the shoes and want to be part of it and want to help” (Lerman 2009). In the beginning TOMS provided their services through phone and internet but as business grew the products began to appear in small independent boutiques in urban area. TOMs wanted to look at stores who would get their message out there and inform their shoppers about TOMS one for one practice. In Mycoskie words TOMs goal was to “look at retailers and how passionate they are about [the] story” (Lerman 2009). “[They] pick stores that are willing to tell story in a very powerful way and get behind it”(Lerman 2009). The idea of one-for-one gives customers the satisfaction of feeling as though they made a difference. Not only do they please themselves with their new purchase but they help educate and prevent infections for children in other areas of the world. This could potentially lead to a competitive advantage. For instance if I am purchasing shoes and I have two decisions, one which only benefits me or another that benefits me and another person in need I may be more prone to choose the ones that helps others. TOMS follows their mission statement perfectly, anything purchased that is a TOMS product something is donated in

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