The Mission Of Safe Harbor Essays

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The mission of Safe Harbor is dedicated to eliminating domestic violence through prevention, education, and intervention. I really enjoyed the time that I served there doing my 30 hours of volunteer work. They really made me feel needed and welcome by all the staff and clients. I decided, however, that I think I would be capable of a career in this field. Just in the small amount of time that I volunteered there, my heart tells me this is a field of social work that I would love to be in. I felt helpless to do more for them. And yes, I plan going back in the future and volunteer more time with the girls there. I have learned that working in a domestic violence shelter you encounter many areas of social work other than domestic violence. While volunteering there I encountered seeing domestic violence, substance abuse, mental health, and child behavior issues.
Safe Harbor of Northeast Kentucky is an emergency shelter and advocacy center that provides confidential, caring and supportive services to all domestic violence victims in Boyd, Greenup, Carter, Lawrence, and Elliott counties. Through the use of resources, they can offer services and support from other community partners. Substance abuse is prevalent in domestic violence relationships. The shelter is able to offer substance abuse classes at the shelter along with domestic violence groups. The main priority at the shelter is that it provides a safe place for you to consider the impact domestic violence is having upon…

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