The Mission Of My Initiative Directed At Risk Undocumented / Dream Act Students

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The mission of my initiative directed at at-risk undocumented/Dream Act students is to “focus on a career plan and provide them with the tools to achieve any educational goal.” In the tool kit, First Steps in Evaluation, Berkas and Hong (2000) state that in the initial assessment the persons requesting data and results from the initiative must be identified. There are three groups of stakeholders, excluding myself, that I will need to respond to when (questions or requests for data are raised.
My initiative began earlier this year in March 2014 when I decided to join Voices from the Fields, an initiative started by Benito Juarez, Director of Immigration Relations office in the Mayor 's office in Houston, Texas. Our President Fena Garza, a partnership between the college and the City of Houston Immigration Relations office to provide citizenship classes in the southwest area of Houston under the Continuing Education Department. The final stakeholder is Dr. David Ross, Department Chair, English as a Second Language and Developmental Studies. The528 initial assessment for my initiative on the website itself: initial visits to the site (by student makeup and other visitors), question and answer survey to at-risk Dream Act students on the ease and readability of the site.
In order to appraise the web, my initial evaluation will touch on three goals: the ease of enrolling prospective citizens to HCCS in citizenship classes. Who is enrolling? The ethnic or racial…

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