The Mission Of Angel Tree Essay

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Service Project- Angel Tree
The purpose of Angel Tree is to ensure that every child on Christmas morning has a present to open. Christmas is a time for giving and project Angel Tree is just one of the many ways people can give back to their community. The gift donated to project Angel Tree are given to children in the local community whose parents cannot financially provide them with a gift. Families in need sign up for Angel Tree, and then people in the community are able to “adopt” that child. Donors are giving the child’s age, gender, and what they would like Christmas. During the first part of project Angel Tree, a group of students and I helped to decorate Pyle for Christmas. We set up the Christmas tree in Pyle that hangs all of the Angel Tree children. Pyle was decorated with fake present, lights, and ornaments. Project Angel Tree was organized by Center for Service and Civil Engagement group and SLEB. Tara Lydy who is the director of Center for Services and Civil Engagement was in charge of the Angel Tree students decorating with the help of the SLEB officer Shelby. Tara Lydy contact telephone number is (937) 481-2261. During project Angel Tree, I along with other students setup and decorated the Christmas tree in Pyle. I also wrapped fake presents which were used to decorate the tree in Pyle. I also helped to make the cards that were hung on the tree for the children to be “adopted”. During the second part of Angel Tree, the same group of student as the first…

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