The Misrepresentation Of Female Athletes Essay

911 Words May 15th, 2016 4 Pages
Throughout the semester we have examined a multitude of videos through a historical, theoretical, aesthetic, and practical lens. It is through this lens that we are able to gain a better overall perspective of media and culture. In the technological media driven society we live in, having this lens is essential because it allows us to observe media in a different light. It also helps us see how the message emitted by the media effects not only emotionally, but intellectually as well.
For our final project we discussed an issue that has become more prevalent in society today; the misrepresentation of women in sports. In our video we interview two individuals who are coaching female sports in a field predominately dominated by males. Media style of reporting of female athletes has society to look female sports as more of a game rather than a sport. In the same light female athletes who gifted with speed and strength are see as freaks of nature rather than athletic specimens. In the text, “The Medium is the Massage”, Marshal McLuhan highlights this same idea, “You see, Dad Professor McLuhan says the environment that man creates becomes his medium for defining his role in it. The invention of type created linear, or sequential, thought, separating thought from action” (McLuhan 156). As we researched and continue to gather evidence I realize that the style in which the media report on female athletes really does affect the way we perceived women athletes. Question…

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