The Misrepresentation Of Black Women Essays

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In the 2011 documentary film Dark Girls, Dr. Cheryl Grills states that “beauty to black people is just a small piece of a much bigger animal.” Women of African descent throughout American history have been in a constant battle between themselves and the world that surrounds them. When media evolved in the nineteen seventies the women of the world seemed to have taken “control” and the “strong black woman” movement began. Throughout the mass media there are various over-generalizations of a black woman. Mainstream media in American society plays a key role in producing negative stereotypes about this race. The misrepresentation of black women can have an ongoing effect on their self-esteem and self-image. The portrayal of this race has been constructed since sixteen nineteen and has been structurally continuous for three hundred and ninety-seven years to today in 2016. This essay will present research that looks at the history of this problem and discuss its effects on women and society. The misrepresentation of black women in society is not a new problem. In reviewing research from sixteen nineteen to the nineteen hundreds it was found that blacks were often compared to animals and viewed as beasts. In a study written by Brittany Rosen titled “Human zoos are one of Europe’s most shameful secrets and only ended in the ‘50s.” includes examples of how Africans and aboriginals were displayed in front of large crowds of people as exotic exhibits at what were called Human Zoos.…

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