Essay on The Miseducation of the Negro

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The Mis-Education of the Negro- Carter G. Woodson
From the beginning when the African slaves first set foot on American soil, the Negro has been perceived as an inferior race. Unfortunately, the effects from slavery still take a hold of the Negro race even today. In this novel, Carter G. Woodson attempts to thoroughly explain why exactly this has come to exist. Although written years ago, the ideals in his book are still seen to be true. Woodson's theory is that because of the way the Negro is treated by the oppressor, he has been brainwashed to believe his inferiority to other races to be the truth. This in turn keeps him from trying to advance in any shape or form because he thinks that he will step out of his place. "When you control a
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To make matters worse, the Negro colleges and universities are being run by white presidents and taught by white teachers that are less qualified then the Negroes that work under them. Woodson felt that this wasn't good at all because in order for the Negro to evolve it was best the he was taught by well qualified people of his own race. "The Negro will never be able to show all his originality as long as his efforts are directed from without by those who socially proscribe him." (Woodson, 28) He felt that the best way was for the Negro to be taught by those who understood him.
One of the problems that Woodson felt there was with the education at that time was that the Negroes learned very little in school on how to make a living. In school, the Negro isn't taught the business side of things when it comes to a job or career. This factor prevents the Negro from employing one another and in turn they are left to wait and hope that a white businessman will hire them. The problem with this factor is that whites at this time only called for the Negro when all the workers of their own race had been taken care of. The author feels that the negro easily throws away good opportunities by not turning something that they are good at into a thriving business because they may feel that they have a college

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