The Miracle Worker, The Acting Essay

1052 Words Mar 8th, 2016 null Page
During the play of The Miracle Worker, the acting was very realistic. In the beginning, I thought that it was going to boring because it is a play then I just assumed that the acting will probably going to be bad, but I am glad that I was completely wrong with that assumption. Director Dr. Joseph Arnold and Dialect Coach Kennedy Brown collaborated really well for this amazing production because visualizing and defining the style and structure of this play from 1880’s is definitely not easy. Along with the fight choreographer Michael Polak, they brought this entire production into life. They made sure that every performer is really into their character and that it was done the way it supposed to be or even better than they expected. I can say that they have successfully done everything in the show.
Overall design throughout the play was perfect. Scenic by Yui Suzuki really made the entire production look more realistic. It was such a beautiful set up from the beginning to the end. I think it was crazy how the old fashioned hand water pump was actually working. I thought it was just a design that they could pretend that there was a water in it, but turns out there was actually a real water coming out from it. The lighting by Max Lippman throughout the show made it more dramatic and it matched the mood of the action perfectly. Most of us would think “oh its just lighting”, but what many of us misinterpret is that the show is also all about the lighting. Lighting designers just…

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