Essay on The Miracle Worker Is A Great

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Here at Liberty University, a play such as The Miracle Worker is a great example of a show that many of the patrons would agree is a wonderful show that shows the use of faith and tenacity to do what you believe is the best thing to do even if the world is against you or doesn’t believe in you. The concept statement “faith in communication” is one that fits the kind of story that I would want to tell here at the university. If it wasn’t for Annie’s faith in Helen’s abilities to do great and to exceed the expectations that the world had for her, Helen could possibly have been sent to an asylum, a place where she wouldn’t never flourish and grow to her fullest potential. One of the most important parts about this story is having faith and finding it in the smallest things that people would overlook. Many handicapped individuals are looked over in today’s society, or even to some considered a “waste of space” in some peoples minds. For a story such as The Miracle Worker, Annie is teaching Helen her own language that is now still used when communicating with people that are blind and deaf. The use of a new way of communication is also a great way for Christians to spread the Gospel, especially to a people group that is more excluded from societal norm. As humans it is a necessity for us to communicate, so for someone that is considered to have no possible way of communicating, the only way is to think outside the box, which is what Annie did. By the use of touch, she was able to…

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