The Miracle Worker By Annie Sullivan Essay

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The Miracle Worker
Many people, including the Keller family, didn’t believe a miracle such as Helen ever being able to communicate in an adult fashion could ever occur. However, in a line stated by Anagos, Annie’s mentor, he describes Helen as a “little safe, locked that no one can open- perhaps there is treasure inside” (Gibson 13). This proves to be a truthful statement, as Helen Keller is able to do more than what people could ever imagine someone with such a disability could ever do. This of course was with the help of her teacher and friend for life, Annie Sullivan. The Miracle Worker is a play that introduces the audience to the groundbreaking improvised teaching methods used by Annie Sullivan, a 20-year-old legally blind adult. William Gibson’s The Miracle Worker is a TV-play turned stage play that provides an excellent representation of the struggles disabled people go through and how they overcome them and help others with similar issues. William Gibson was an American playwright born on November 13th, 1914; he died in November 25th 2008 only a couple days after he turned 94. He dedicated 70 years of his life to writing plays, however there was one thing that was different about The Miracle Worker compared to the rest of his work (n.pag. Britannica). The Miracle Worker was originally written as a TV drama in 1957, and was adapted for the Broadway stage in 1959. This was a personal challenge for Gibson, as he never wrote anything for television. This become one of…

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