The Mirabals: Patria, Minerva, And Maria Teresa

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The Mirabals; Patria, Minerva, and Maria Teresa, were the butterflies of the rebellion against Trujillo. They helped start the Fourteenth of July Movement against the regime. For many Dominicans, they were their hope of restoring the country from corruption and injustice. They were a symbol for courage, as they freed themselves from the shackles of El Jefe and stood up to him. They did not settle for oppression. Just like butterflies, they spread their wings, showing off their beautiful colors, and telling everyone that they are free, just like butterflies. Unfortunately, they payed a heavy price for rebelling, as Trujillo silenced them once, but not for all. Perhaps they died physically, but they are alive in the minds and hearts of all Dominicans,

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