The Minimum Wage Should Not Be Raised Essay

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Many people will argue that low-income workers already receive enough welfare benefits and monetary assistance from the government that the minimum wage should not be raised to help the working-class out of poverty. Unfortunately, the reality according to Robert Reich in his article, “The bottom 90 percent have no voice in Washington” is that, “[...] more than 47 million Americans have lost some or all of their food stamp benefits [and] House Republicans are pushing for further cuts” which proves that low-income workers are deprived of what helps them survive as a working-class. Additionally, the working-class is denied their benefits along with receiving wages that are already low. Why take away something from the working-class that was specifically created for the working-class? You do not see rich people using SNAP benefits at a local pharmacy chain such as Walgreens or CVS. In addition to keeping their benefits, low-income workers should receive higher wages because it will boost consumer spending that helps balance the economy (Reich) and over time it will eliminate the costs of welfare benefits after the working-class can support itself. Also, diversity would no longer be seen as a hierarchy or class division.
The reason many people believe the minimum wage should stay the same is because employers will have to make employee cuts in order to pay other employees higher wages and that will put many people out of work. However, Reich makes a good point when he states…

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