The Minimum Wage Should Be Raised Essay

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The Do It Yourself party was created by the generation of those who had to create things for themselves. Their parents did not hand them things on a silver platter. They worked for what they believed in. The Do It Yourself party, we do not push our work on to other people. The party can be followed on Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat.
Our party is for those eighteen and older, unless you are working and are sixteen. Here we believe that any man or woman can get married to any man or woman. No unborn child will be aborted. The minimum wage should be raised to eight dollars an hour. We also believe in the death penalty and that no harm shall come to a child, (child abuse). We also believe in the second amendment. We do not support abortions. However, in the case of rape, we do allow abortions if the mother does become pregnant. We think that the mother can give the child up for adoption. The party is for adopting or fostering those who do not have homes. The party will start a foundation to help the mothers who want to put the baby up for adoption and will fully support them. The foundation will make a database of the names of the mothers and fathers incase the children want to know their birth parents later on in life. The database will also contain family history in case there is a medical issue that may arise in the future. Our reasoning is that a couple who cannot have a child, can adopt one easily then the child and family will be happy.
We believe that anyone, above the…

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