The Minimum Age Of Criminal Responsibility Essay

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The minimum age a child can be held criminally responsible for an offence committed is a heavily debated topic universally, especially in the history of Australia to whom rectified the minimum age of criminal responsibility laws various times (Weijers and Grisso 2009).
Globally the story is much the same as there is no mandatory minimum age that a child can be held responsible for there actions (Australian institute of criminology 2000), but rather their have been universally recognised rules within the United Nations Convention on the rights of a child that establishes that a child 's wellbeing must be imperative in a legal process such as in the courts (Australian institute of criminology 2000). Further on the global consensus, sovereign countries such as Canada, Japan and Sweden have established their own independent minimum age of criminal responsibility (Australian institute of criminology 2000) similar to the Australian framework, and countries such as the United States of America have resulted in establishing a system in which different states have different jurisdictions on the minimum age of criminal responsibility (Hartney 2006). On the whole this paper will endeavour to discursively contemplate various minimum age of criminal responsibility globally, with an outlook on the appropriateness of the current Australian minimum age.Because there are clear and present indicative points that prove the current minimum age of ten is causing disadvantaged young children…

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