The Mind Is Not Only Inside Of Us Essay

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“The mind is not only inside of us,” Daniel Seigle, a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry said at the 2016 Leading to Well-Being conference. A conference program (Leading to Well-Being: Cultivating Resilience) lead by George Mason University was carried out in April 15, 2016. This conference was open to everybody, especially those individuals who want to be more conscious and have a greater sense of view towards how to live life with a better approach. It is necessary to cultivate resilience, positive mindsets, consciousness, and mindfulness within us in order to transmit the right attitude and practices to self and others. In order to carry out all these great qualities it is important to know the meaning of each term and how does it help us. So, how do we become more resilient? Dr. Dan Seigle explains that resilience is a state of mind. However, what is mind? Is his next question. Dr. Seigle makes sure to present his findings that the term ‘mind’ is rarely defined. No one ever wants to talk about what is mind, and everybody wants to describe the mind with a concept comfortable to them, lacking on accuracy and sticking to their comfort zone. Many scientists keep on describing the mind as a brain activity. Yet, according to Dr. Siegel, that definition is completely erroneous. The mind is the “way you have mental attitude about the way your body feels…consciousness with subjective experience…related to brain, body, and relationship” Seigel explained. The mind can create…

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