Essay on The Mind Can Be Your Best Friend Or Your Enemy?

992 Words Dec 3rd, 2016 4 Pages
The majority interesting thing I learned in class is that the mind can be your best friend or your enemy. The thing is it is not truly the minds fault. Another thing I found interesting is how misguided society is. However, knowing that society has a negative view towards numerous things we talked about in class, for example, depression, certain types of drugs, abnormal behaviors, etc was not surprising. It is startling how I questioned countless things and during class, many of my questions were answered or reflected upon. I found countless things interesting, enough to talk and debate with other people outside of class and research during breaks and lunch time at work. I believe what struck me was when we went over memory. The whole idea of forgetting memory by suppression and repression is what received my attention the most. Reason why is because, as a kid, I went through a lot of bad things, things which I should have probably seen help for. Either way, that struck me because if I really try to think of my past, I stop all together because of the fear of what I might bring up from what I call, “the depths of the unknown”. Another thing that stood by me was specific phobias, reason why is because of what I talked about after class ended. My dread of escalators, while I was forced to do a exposure treatment in a uncontrolled setting, in front of numerous people, it did got me to “man up” a bit and go down , plus there was no stairs so I was really forced. Of course I’m…

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