The Mind Body Problem Since Consciousness Essay

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Many people have debated the mind-body problem since consciousness is regarded as a highly complex idea. Consciousness deals with a psychological and physical aspect. This interaction has led to many different beliefs and ideas (Sansom 2013).
Consciousness is an individual’s understanding of his/her surroundings. He/she is aware of any thoughts, perceptions, memories, and feelings. Consciousness remains constant, but can change throughout the day even if affected by certain stimuli (Sansom 2013). It relies on the brain’s ability to sort and control sensory and mental stimulation. Specifically, the cerebellum and thalamus interact to interpret the necessary information. The cerebellum is the memory of consciousness while the thalamus is the processor. The thalamus, which interconnects with other brain structures, is a finely organized complex structure. It relays sensory information up and down the body (Min 2010). The cerebral cortex is presumably the organ of consciousness. Moreover, different levels of functioning show four levels including: consciousness, subconscious, unconsciousness and metabolic homeostasis (Wang 2012). Consciousness can be explained by a few mental concepts. Upon closing ones’ eyes, the ability to still imagine anything learned or remembered remains. Another example includes reports from people who have lost limbs, yet claim to occasionally have sensation in that area (Wang 2012). We attribute consciousness on signs such as…

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