The Mind And The Body Essay

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Descartes is trying to prove the existence of God, and the reason he is doing so he can further try to prove the existence of everything else. He did so by going through a series of meditations. In his fifth meditation Descartes said that the mind and the body are two distinct substances. His main premise was Cogito Ergo Sum which means I think therefore I am. With Cogito Ergo Sum he is certain of his existence. He differentiates understanding a concept and imagination, then goes onto say that without imagination it would not affect a person 's ability to understand something because understanding occurs within the mind itself whereas the imagination occurs when images are put into the brain. Afterwards he made a statement that the mind and the body were two different substances. To prove that the mind and the body are two distinct substances Descartes provided two arguments. One argument was that if someone has a clear and distinct concept of themselves as something unconnected with the body then that means the person can exist without the body. Descartes Second argument states that the body is divisible whereas the mind is not therefore it tells him and leads him to later conclude that the body and mind are two very distinct substances.

To have a clear and distinct concept of oneself as a substance separate from the body means that your body is separate from the mind in Descartes first argument he says that if he can clearly and distinctly think about one thing without…

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