The Mind And The Body Essay

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Descartes mediations question all the things we know to be true about the world around us. I believe his central argument is that we exist (C). He seeks to prove existence through multiple factors. He will prove it by discussing the mind (A) and the body (B) which are two completely different objects, yet are intertwined. The mind and the body have their own separate ideas too, 1, 2, 3, and 4. These ideas consist of imagination, sensory perception, extension, and motion. These ideas all come together to conclude that A+B=C.
The mind is a complex thing. Descartes explains how imagination (1) and sensory perception (2) are used in the mind. Imagination brings about the idea that we are thinking things. We use our senses all day every day, yet how do we know when we are using them while we are awake and when we are dreaming? Sensory perception is used to explain the concept that the senses are the same whether they are in a dream or not. This brings up the evil deceiver. To determine what is real we must ignore all other senses and focus on the major factors. These factors are shape, number, size, extension, and color. “I find in myself faculties for certain special modes of thinking, namely, the faculties of imagining and sensing. I can clearly and distinctively understand myself in my entirety without these faculties, but not vice versa: I cannot understand them clearly and distinctively without me, that is, without a substance endowed with understanding in which they…

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