The Mind And Body And The Body Essay examples

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Do not think about it, just do it! This is a quote used by many people to encourage other people to perform a task that they are not ready to do. When humans are doing a task , the think about what they going do ,what are they going use, and how they are going to do it. But there is a state in which humans can enter that makes a person be one with the task. In order to enter this state the person 's mind and body have to be in complete synchronization. The mind is separate from the body , yet when they both want the same thing a person enters a state in which nothing else matters but the task at hand. There are very few people that can achieve this state, but those who do achieve this state stand out from the rest. Athletes use this state to obtain a high level of play. People can also use this state to heal. This state can also be use to come up with great ideas. The mind and the body are separate, but when the mind and body are both in sync with one another, they enter a state of full concentration that allows athletes to perform at the best level, allows people to heal , and opens doors to creative genius. The mind and body are separate, but the state in which the mind and body are in complete in sync is what allows athletes to play at the best level. Professional athletes have to play at a high level because that is their job. This high level of play has to be maintained through the span of their career. To achieve this high level of play pro athletes must train for…

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