The Miller Learning Center Right Now Essay

1019 Words Dec 6th, 2015 null Page
Writing has always been a challenge for me - it 's never been my strong suit. As I sit down in the Miller Learning Center right now, I struggle with putting my thoughts onto paper. When tasked with writing a paper in high school, I would spend hours staring at a computer - only to have a few short, badly structured, paragraphs when I got up from my chair. Although I enrolled in advanced writing and literature courses such as AP Literature and AP Language, I found that these classes did not help me to develop my writing skills. These classes were black and white and restrained any ounce of creativity. In addition, these classes were also concerned more with reading the works of literature than actually teaching the class how to write a literary analysis. Due to this, I did not have a complete understanding of the writing process as a whole before I came to college. For example, unlike others, I did not create an outline before writing. I thought that this lengthy process was a waste of time. Therefore, my ideas would be scattered, unorganized, and incoherent. The thought of writing a paper alone would get me very stressed out. However, since being in Professor Dixon 's English 1102, my writing skills have improved significantly. Professor Dixon provided with me constructive criticism on my papers and suggestions for improvement. I became aware of my writing weaknesses and he gave me the appropriate tools of effective writing to strengthen them. An important piece of advice…

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