Essay on The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment ( Mea )

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Ecosystem services express the value of natural system to human beings. The environment is our life support system and provides services to humans such as water, producing air, food, energy and freshwater that sustains wildlife and creating employment and income for the people .TEEB (2010). Ecosystem services bring multiple gains to humans either directly and indirectly from these ecological systems and in relation to services pertaining to food provision, water regulation and may others, all of which are essential for human well-being. MEA. (2005). The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MEA) is a well acceptable conceptual framework which categorized ecosystem service into four broad categories in which only two are required to discuss. These are:

1a. Provisioning service – are ecosystem services which described the material or energy output from ecosystem. These include (i) Freshwater – ecosystem plays important role in the hydrological cycle as they regulate the flow and purified water. Forest and vegetation influences the quantity of available water locally. (ii) Foods – ecosystem provides the condition to grow food and this comes principally from well managed agro ecosystem by freshwater systems or forests provide food for human consumption. Also, wild foods from forest are not underestimated. (iii) Medicine resources – ecosystem and biodiversity engages to provide many plants that is useful as traditional medicine and provide the raw materials for…

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