The Millennial Transition Into The Workplace

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Recently, in our Business and Society course, we were introduced to your brilliant article on nurturing millennials in the workplace. We really found your ideas to be insightful and new, and as millennials we would like to add a few of our own ideas to improve your already masterful article. There are also a few concepts you present that we believe could be reworded or tweaked to insure optimal success with guiding and instructing millennials. In your article, you comment on the millennial’s transition into the workplace and that their attitudes and behaviors have caused a “cultural seismic shock” to the industry. It is interesting to observe how easy it is for people to see how generations have changed before seeing what they have repeated. With every new generation there comes a new struggle, but in reality, we fight back the same way. Baby Boomers are defined as those born between 1946 and 1964, that is, those reaching young adulthood around the year 1964. This new age of Americans brought an attitude to the world of freedom and anti-war. These are the citizens that participated in Vietnam protests, attended events such as Woodstock and survived constant struggles for equality and freedom. So, to say our attitude is “uniquely different” compared to the boomers is hopelessly inaccurate, because the boomers were in the same shoes we wear today.
To your first piece of advice; yes, human interaction is a necessity for all people, especially in the workplace. We would,

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