The Military Intelligence Training Center And The War Against Nazism

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In The Military Intelligence Training Center and the War against Nazism, Patricia Kollander argues that “works covering the history of German and Austrian Americans during the Second World War era say little about the recent émigrés who fought in the U.S army [against the Nazism].” Patricia Kollander is a professor of History at Florida Atlantic University. She worked very hard to bring the achievements of the Germen and Austrian émigré soldiers to light by publishing many articles including “Boomerang Resistance: German Emigres in the U.S. Army …” , “A companion to the Second World War”, “I must be the part of the War: A German-American’s Fight Against Hitler and Nazism”, and more. Thus in this article, Kollander highlighted the contribution of émigré Ritchie graduates to the war effort, the Denazification process, the prosecution of Holocaust perpetrators, and at the end, the creation of Holocaust awareness in their adopted home, the U.S, thus people recognize such genocide at the sight when they see it in future and take actions against it. According to the Article, most of the un-naturalized German and Austrian émigrés in the U.S army were Jews who barely avoided Nazi persecution. This journey began once the émigrés came to the U.S, they tried to fit into the American Life. The émigrés were grateful to be living in the U.S. and were eager to join the fight to defend their adopted homeland after the Germany declared the war on the U.S. in the late 1941, however,…

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