Essay The Military Career : Lieutenant Gen. Moore

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Lieutenant Gen. Moore was a well-respected soldier amongst the 7th brigade. There was no need for him to use rewards or punishments because he was tactically proficient on how to lead and was well known for all the awards and decorations he had received like the, Distinguished Service Cross the second highest award you could receive in the ARMY. Throughout his military career, transformational leadership was always his motto. He carried that on through his brigade and everywhere he stepped foot. He was a risk taker because on, November 1948 he volunteered to test parachutes for the 187th Airborne Infantry Regiment in Japan. He jumped one hundred and fifty times in two years. Throughout his career with, Airborne Infantry, he managed to jump 300 times. As a leader he was, risk taker was one of his leadership character he mainly possess. He didn’t think twice jumping out of a plane at a high altitude using experimental parachutes. Courage is what he had during those times and that’s what made his transformational leadership excel because you can’t lead if your troops hints any fear in you.
Hal Moore has been a driven kind of person since the beginning before enlisting. Ever since, he wanted to attend a military academy but since he was born in Bardstown, Kentucky he knew he wasn’t going to get a chance to attend a military academy because he lived in a small town. Motivation is what propelled him to move to, Washington D.C so he could have a higher chance of being accepted to…

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