The Milgram Experiment On Human Brain Essay

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I always believed that there was a way to fix the human brain. What I do not agree with is, that one experiments on the human brain in order to find a way to solve any psychological problem. “Milgram experiment simply psychology” (584). The author of “The Milgram Experiment” Saul McLeod informs his readers about the Milgram experiment. The Milgram experiment was introduced in 1963 when a Yale psychologist conducted one of the classic studies in obedience. The Yale psychologist, Stanley Milgram, wanted to conduct experiments focusing in the conflict between obedience to authority and personal conscience. In my opinion, I do not believe one should have the need to experiment on one. When the learner made a mistake, the subject was instructed to punish the learner by giving him a shock, 15 volts higher for each mistake. Furthermore, in the article “Group Minds” Doris Lessing stated that it is human nature to want to belong to a group. In a result of this, one often conforms to the group’s way of thinking, for that reason one must use the knowledge he has about human behavior to set him free as an individual thinker. The human brain is capable of change.
I know for a fact that there is a different way to experiment if one is obedient when given orders. Milgram 's sample was biased. “Milgram 's study cannot be seen as representatives of the American population as his sample was self-selected” (589) Those who participated in such an awful experiment were all males. My question…

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