Essay about The Migratory Bird Treaty Act

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The Migratory Bird Treaty Act - Implemented in 1918, the MBTA prohibits killing, hunting, capturing, and selling of any migratory bird. It was established as a response to the near - extinction or extinction of a number of bird species. Over 800 birds are currently on the list between the U.S., Mexico, Great Britain, Japan, and Russia. If found guilty of this wrongdoing, fines for violation are given, and furthermore can be charged with a felony, depending on the situation.

Atomic Energy Act - (1946) Established by the Atomic Energy Commission, the Atomic Energy Act promotes “utilization of atomic energy for peaceful purposes and to maximize security with the health and safety of the public.” Nuclear weapon development and nuclear power would now be managed under civilian rule, rather than military control. In 1954, the act was amended, allowing the government to leak information to private companies regarding nuclear energy production.

Clean Water Act (CWA) - Created in 1948, the Clean Water Act established the basic structure regulating discharges of pollutants in the waters of the U.S. It raised public awareness and concern for controlling water pollution. This act created wastewater treatment plants which will keep the integrity of the wetlands for years to come.

Clear Air Act (CCA) - In 1955, the United States passed an act intended to control air pollution. This law regulates air emissions from a stationary and mobile source. The main goal was to establish National…

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