The Migration Phenomena Of Malaysia Essay

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Prepared by: Sch. Nalerin Erone Nahfirin, SJ (MAS)

†This article is intended for the Jesuits Scholastic and Brother Circle (SBC) Meeting held at the Jesuit Apostolic Center and Sogang University in Seoul, Korea on December 19 - 28, 2016.

INTRODUCTION “Malaysia, truly Asia” is a slogan launched by the Tourism Malaysia since 1999 to promote Malaysia as one of the exceptional tourist destinations in the world. Since then, Malaysia has brought more than 7.4 million tourists from all over the world (Munan 2002). Ironically, the slogan is not only captures the essence of the country’s unique diversity, but also illustrates the social dilemma of the immigrant labors faced by the country. Owing to its inclusive connotation, this slogan became unofficial nation-branding to portray the harmony, cultural and culinary diversity, nature, modernity, and hospitality of the country (Bouchon 2012). However, Malaysia is not only magnetizing tourists, but somehow flocked many foreigners to settle in Malaysia for a living and hoping for a better life (Lek 2016).
The purpose of this paper is to put on view the various dilemmas faced not only the Malaysian government, non-governmental organization and civil society on the issue related to the migrant labors in Malaysia, but also to disclose the struggles of the foreign immigrant in coping with the policies and responses of the country. The main aim of this paper is to improve understanding of migration in…

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