Essay on The Migration Of The European Union

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When asked about the different continents, a ready student will answer that there are seven, Europe being one among the count. However, since the mid 20th century when France, Italy, Germany, Luxembourg, and Netherlands decided to collude for the benefit of international industry, “Europe” became more than just a geographic label. Europe became an amorphous and complex political identity, one that has been changing and growing since the conception of that first “High Authority.” Because of recent instability in neighboring regions, individual nations on the continent of Europe, and what is now the political entity the European Union, are experiencing a deluge of immigrants, most of whom are seeking asylum from persecution and violence in their home country. The response to the so called “migrant crisis” from individual countries within the EU has been strongly nationalist, suggesting a larger supranational identity may be under attack; however, this anti-immigrant sentiment, which can also be seen through EU border policies, is strengthening and politicizing the collective identity of “Europeaness” in opposition to the new Asian “Others.” While not a new dichotomy in the discourse of European identity, it has been brought into sharp relief by the recent refugee crisis. The largest source of refugees is Syria, which has been embroiled in political violence since 2011. At that time, pro-democracy protestors gathered in the streets of Syria to fight back against the tyranny…

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