The Migration Of Australia And Australia Essay

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The number of migrants to Australia experienced an increasing trend in the past three decades. It is partly because of the expansion and implement of business migration programs encouraged by the Australian government since the 1990s. The main purpose of these migration programs is to meet the requirements of skills and techniques in the Australian labor market (Simon,2012).

However, early Australian migrants were mostly British. It was not until the Australia Gold Rush that Chinese were attracted to Australia. The White Australia policy had previously restricted and reduced Australia’s ethnic Chinese population during the first half of the 20th century (Inglis, 1999). Following the abolition of “White Only” policy, a large number of ethnic Chinese immigrants were appealed to migrate and settle down in Australia. Obviously, increasing levels of immigration is the most significant contributor to the multicultural environment of Australia (DIMA, 2007a). Although there are not a large number of Chinese ancestors living in Australia, Chinese immigrants play an important role in Australia 's migration culture (Collins, 2002).

Chinese entrepreneurs are regarded as an indispensable part in the history of Chinese immigrants in Australia. However, anti-Chinese riots occurred during the gold rush. It is partly because of their different dressing-style, eating habits, religion and culture. But it is also principally because the Chinese are considered to be ambitious…

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