The Migration And Foreign Aid Essay

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A lot has been said about the connection between immigration and foreign aid especially for developing countries and the developed countries (O 'Flaherty, 25). The article on Migration and Foreign Aid explores the subject further and makes the conclusion that there is a close association between the two. It emerges that there is a direct relationship between the size of immigrants’ population in a foreign country and the corresponding contribution of the host country towards development. The donor countries give foreign aid to the developing countries which are the source of the most of the migrants with the hope that if they develop, the number of the people desiring to move out of those countries will reduce. On the other hand, the immigrants who move to the host countries use that opportunity to express the needs of their country of origin and thus play a vital role in mobilizing for funding. It thus emerges that both the desire of the host countries to limit the number of immigrants and the efforts of the already existing immigrants to lobby for support affect foreign aid allocation.
The article further explores an important issue that has been ignored by the past studies conducted on the relationship between migration and foreign aid. The aspect explored is the ability of the immigrants to mobilize funds for their home countries and the reason for differences in allocations for different regions. The article, however, establishes that the ability of immigrants to…

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