Analysis Of John Steinbeck's 'The Harvest Gypsies'

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Can you imagine yourself living in a time where you can’t consider anywhere your home? Well during the time of The Great Depression that 's what people 's lives were like. It was a time of scarce food and few jobs to offer to struggling families. But because many families were struggling to make a living they had to move a lot. These types of people were called migrants. Migrants had to move from place to place usually once or more a season in order to find work. The Great Depression was a time of economic downfall and a wrenched time for not only families but migrant workers.

The time of the Great Depression was a devastating time when it came to split up families and being able to provide for them. If you analyse “The Migrant Mother” photograph
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In articles I and II of “The Harvest Gypsies”, John Steinbeck describes the migrant workers as ungracious people. But the word he used to describe the workers was “gypsies”. A gypsy is considered people who occasionally travel from place to place and live by seasonal work. Almost like a migrant workers. Most people loathe migrant workers. Migrants are considered dirty, ignorant and carriers of disease. This is important because migrants have to move from place to place in order to make money, but they are never accepted in people 's communities. Which made their lives rocky. “The migrants are hated for the following reasons, that they are ignorant and dirty people, that they are carriers of disease, that they increase the necessity for police and the tax bill for schooling in a community, and that if they are allowed to organize they can, simply by refusing to work, wipe out the season 's crops.” Migrants were considered to be dirty and ignorant because, they couldn’t shower due to moving around a lot, making it easier to carry and pick up diseases. People said they were ignorant because they would just wipe out a whole …show more content…
The migrant mother photograph displays a mother that looks like she is struggling and having a hard time with life. If we look deeper into the photo we can infer that the father of her kids is out working. It’s almost as if she had been so used to the feeling of being lost in the sense of what direction is she going to take in life. The mother also gives off the vibe that she is lonely and tried. In the two articles “The Harvest Gypsies”, John Steinbeck explains the hardships migrants go through and why they have such a hard time. The migrants are always moving from place to place which means they can never get too comfortable with one place. Moving from place to place where you have a family or not can make you get a feeling of loneliness. This is because if you are always moving it’s like you don’t have that secure feeling, and when you don’t feel secure you sense there is something missing causing loneliness. But with this they also have to make a living. Finding a well paid job was difficult because there was so many people after the same thing. A job to provide for themselves or their families. If the husband hits every harvest without delay and works the maximum time, he may make four hundred dollars this year. But if anything happens, if his old car breaks down, if he is late and misses a harvest or two, he will have to feed his whole family on as little as one hundred and

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