Midwife Role

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The healthcare professionals in every working scenario have a common concept of working; the centred way on ensuring health service for every patient. The nurses are required to undertake all their professional practicing duties to ensure safe and available practice to patient. It is also the duty of nurses to maintain a high level of compassion and empathy to the patient (Tharpe et al., 2012).
The centre of nursing work provides a motivational aspect to the nurse and the energy for the purpose of patient care. This understanding also allows the nurse to establish a link as how the patient is responding to the treatment provided. Midwife is an expert as she assists the patient in the natural process of birth. In promoting the better birth
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The role of midwives depend on their services….that there is more than one to describe. The service which is assigned to the role of a midwife includes the assessment of the patient throughout the pregnancy term period. This assessment of care includes the provision of blood test or other investigations according to the requirements. Providing all kinds of care throughout the procedure of labour and birth according to the desire of the patient in a professional manner and providing information regarding the treatment (Kingdon, 2014). The midwife is also responsible to seek consultation from other health professional if any complications occur during the period of labour. Communicating with the family members of the patient and providing all information that relates to the health needs of the patient. To recognise the needs of the patient in respect of their social, physical and emotional needs and take decisions for the better interest of the patient. Educating patients during their stay at the care centre and also their ways towards labour area and aware of the complications to fight rather than depend is a big recommendation for midwives (England et al., …show more content…
The current practice has been brought up many challenges for the leaders. The current trend is not recognizing the rising demands where the complications are reimbursed to meet the performance goals. The frequent change in the NMC policies are not communicated properly raising concerns as a lack of commitment by the staff in performing their duties (Sully & Dallas, 2005).
The teams designated as multidisciplinary are very much recognised due to their role in making smooth running of the practice in nursing care. Quality maternity care is fully dependable on the contribution of the members of the team. Midwife works close with pregnant women and they are responsible to provide maternity care to the patient as early and often they are the first point of contact for the patient. The success factor of this partnership is fully dependable on effective communication. Poor communication can lead to ineffective contribution of the team and result in failure of low birth

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