Essay about The Middle Of My Family

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March 15, 2001, the day that changed my families life, and forced me to grow up faster than usual. I was no longer the youngest child, no longer the baby of the family, I was now the middle sister, the older sister, a sister that my baby brother, Kevin now had to look up to for support, guidance, and maturity. I am the middle child of 5 children between my mom and dad. My dad has 5 kids including myself, but my mom only has three. Two older sisters, and two younger brothers, places my right in the middle of my family. My family is spread out all over Western New York, I have a sister who lived in Albion, and I didn’t meet until my little brother was born, and my youngest brother, who is 5 years younger than me, I don’t see except on holidays. Up until my brother was born, I had no real responsibilities except going to school, and cleaning my room, now with a baby in the house I am not getting attention like I am used to.
My family is far from perfect, far from close-knit, but we are family, and that is all that matters. We’re blood, no matter the choices we make, we stand by eachother, through thick and thin. This included the choices my dad makes, including him being in jail half our lives, this included my dad having another child when he was with my mom, this included my mom moving us to different parts of the city without discussion, and this also included supporting my sisters choices to start fighting in school and almost not graduating. Everyone says “oh, learn by…

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