The Middle Ground Of Gun Control Essay

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The Middle Ground of Gun Control
The topic of gun control has been one of the most controversial debates in American history. Since the Revolutionary War the right to bear arms has been a constitutional right enjoyed by millions. Although, due to the dramatic increase in the number of gun related incidents, the Second Amendment faces strong opposition that demands radical changes. From school shootings to domestic terrorism in our country, the citizens of America have questioned the government’s power to keep people safe. The government’s lack of gun control is becoming a growing concern for Americans. New limitations or eradication will be necessary to undertake a safer environment for the people of the United States. Gun violence may be more common these days, but statically the number of gun related deaths have actually decreased. These tragedies are only a small fraction of the crime we face in America everyday, but because of the publicity gun violence receives from the media it has drawn unnecessary attention.
This constitutional right was created for a reason by our founding fathers, to question it would be to question all the rights we have today. The complete eradication of guns is unlikely to ever happen in the United States, but with gun violence increasing, something needs to be done to limit tragedies from happening. Each side of gun control presents valid arguments that make it difficult to fully support only one side. Compromises need to be made so that we…

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