The Middle East And North Africa Essay

1416 Words Dec 15th, 2016 6 Pages
Europe is now facing an unprecedented refugee crisis with nearly 60 millions refugees from Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya and other Middle East and North Africa districts demanding places of asylum. However, different countries in Europe hold different attitudes toward whether they should shelter more refugees. The intention for sheltering refugees or not is not only about the humanitarian spirit between the countries, but also about political and religious considerations. Many refugees flee for their lives. Half of the 23 million population of Syria have been forced from their homes, with four million becoming refugees in other countries. “It is an era of violence in the Middle East and North Africa, with nine civil wars now going on in Islamic countries between Pakistan and Nigeria.” (Cockburn) What is worse, the war in Syria shows no signs of ending. If the Syrian believe that the war is going to be end soon, they may prefer staying nearby within the country boundary, hoping to keep an eye on the situation of their homes and prepare to go back again once the war ends. Nevertheless, as the war continued for nearly five consecutive years, people started to lose hopes and continue to flee to neighbor countries. Inside Syria, the situation has continued to get worse, with civil war intensifying in all regions and the economy and services in a state of depression. Lately, when a thirty seven years old Syrian along with thousands of refugees from Syria arrived at the the…

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