The Middle East And Arab Nationalism Essay

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In many ways you could look this course as two parts, the first half of the semester and the second half of the semester. I say this because the first-half of the semester was dedicated to explaining the rich and complicated history of the Middle East. Time was spent understanding accurate definitions of ethnic groups and religions. Time was also spent comprehending the geographical context and ensuring that the history of the Middle East was presented in its entirety. We analyzed historical events from as far back as 2000 BCE in order to remember all of the historical complications of the middle east. This was done in order to set-up the second-half of the semester. The goal of the course is to use the history of the Middle East to explain why that region is a mess today. It is to untangle the web that is the Middle East. That goal came to fruition over the duration of the second-half of the semester. This paper will first focus on Jewish and Arab nationalism, and then transition to the late 1900s when the conflicts in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Iran began to emerge. It will then take us through the events that occurred on September 11, 2001, and conclude with the possibility that we are in the midst of a third world war. It is done that way, because that is how I was best able to understand exactly how the past has led to the present.
The timeline that the course used, starting from the beginning and clarifying common misconceptions and complications as it made its way to…

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