Essay on The Middle East And America

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Middle East and America are two different parts of the world who follow different culture and religious views. Both parts of the world have successfully developed and they are utilizing their resources for the betterment of their citizens. America is rich in technology production and Middle East is naturally rich in oil and petrol resources. There is a misconception in American people’s mind about America’s relationship with Middle East. Some people think that America developed relations with Middle East countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iran and Kuwait during Kuwait’s invasion. However, the truth is that America had good terms with Middle East countries including Saudi Arabia, Iran before Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990. Iran was invaded by Iraq during 1945 and that was the time when America provided this country its military help. America developed relations with Iran since Iraq tried to invade it. As per research, “American troops were stationed in Iran during World War II to help transfer military supplies to the Soviet Union and protect Iranian oil” (Tristam). Even though, the main reason behind this help was getting some import of oil in America from Iran but American leaders were successfully able to gain the trust of higher authorities of Iran. Now this is a fact which is stated on media and people should not neglect it. Though, America developed relations with Middle East because of oil and since the petrol resources were found in Middle East, America never stepped…

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