The Middle East : A Viable Option Essay

1155 Words Dec 9th, 2014 null Page
Before entering the course, I believed that democracy in the Middle East was a viable option but that, because of many cultural reasons, was not the best option for that region. Now, having taken this course and learned about the different aspects of Middle East governance, I do not think that democracy is a viable option at all. It is not the matter of democracy cannot succeed in the Middle East or anything like that, it is the matter of democracy not being properly suited for societies like those in the Middle East. The agenda of the United States to turn a lot of these nations into democracies has really gotten nowhere. I would say that they actually caused more problems in this region than actually solved during their quest for democratization. Also, the Arab Spring saw many people call for some basic rights that democracy is associated with, but I do not think they want the same democracy the United States has. Even if I believed that democracy was viable in the Middle East, I do not believe it is ‘the solution’ to all the turmoil that this region has seen for over a century. I do not think that democracy is a ‘one size fits all’ type of system. There are many different solutions to fixing the problems in the Middle East. There are some states in the Middle East that are not properly suited for democracy. Iran would be the best case. Women are still heavily treated unequally and there are not many cries to change that. That is not because the women there are afraid to…

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